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My path to becoming a full-time artist was not a straight one. I was on the way to being a professional tennis player before I chose to be an artist. I attended the Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Florida. I had taken summer jobs and saved enough money for one month summer camp. I ended up convincing them to work for them while I trained with the top players in the world, got instruction, as well as room and board. Competiton was immense and eventually decided to go to college. I earned a Fine Arts degree and a degree in European Intellectual History from Cornell College. I’ve sold works to corporate offices, at festivals, and shown at galleries. 

Growing up, I spent my childhood taking oil painting courses and drew whenever I could. I couldn’t wait to paint. To me, art has evolved into a purely personal and exploratory interaction with mark-making and materiality while switching between numerous themes and aesthetics. I alternate in my work between exacting artisanal technique and the aesthetics of abstraction because I am fascinated by how the physical characteristics of mediums express a mood, a story, a moment, or even a gesture.  Whether it is combining various materials or differing techniques. I place a lot of value on authenticity and mindfulness.  

I also have work at called Future World which in many ways is a coalesence of all my diverse interest in art. 

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